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Conditioner Kit 1 half gallon


Regular Normal Soap, Oil & Condition and Standard Conditioning

Kit:  O.B.L. #1 – $59.95 (price includes shipping within US)

REGULAR: Normal Soap, Oil & Condition and Standard

Saddle Soaping and Conditioning KITS:

Before and after application of our conditioner

Kit No. OBL-1:    $59.95

Kit Content includes:

  • 100% pure Neatsfoot oil – Half Gallon
  • Saddle Soap Glycerin Bar (1)
  • Sponge (1)
  • Soft Brush (1)
  • Terry cloth (2)

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Conditioner Kit 3 w/Video

Conditioner Kit 3 with instructional video

Obtaining a Neutral Patina when Conditioning and Cleaning

Kit:  O.B.L. #3  –  $139.95 (includes Shipping)

Conditioner kit 3 includes 1 Video and Instructions on the Top Quality look, which maintains a Mint appearance for your all of your leather items. This technique with glycerin and saddle soap and #2 My Conditioner reserved for display Saddle in Mint Condition results to keep them in that same mint quality.

  • This uses the Platinum Kit (My Leather Conditioner #2) with the technique of perfection that leather collectors demand.

008.100171301 sm

Kit Contents:

  • Conditioner – One Pint

  • Glycerin – One Pint

  • Saddle Soap, Oak Brand Formula

  • Sponges (2)

  • Brush (1)

  • Terry Cloths (2)

Note: Instructional Video (below).

OBL Leather Conditioner Kit #4, 1 Gallon

Oak Brand Leather Conditioner – One Gallon $175.00

Kit:  O.B.L. #4 – (plus shipping)

Saddle Soaping and Conditioning KITS:

Before and after application of our conditioner

Kit Content includes:

    • 100% pure Neats foot oil – Half Gallon
    • Saddle Soap Glycerin Bar (1)
    • Sponge (1)
    • Soft Brush (1)
    • Terry cloth (2)
    • Rich creamy salve that leaves leather clean, supple, and durable. Leather is protected for longevity while maintaining a quality look with lustrous shine and feel. Quality since 1969. 128 oz.. (1 Gallon)

107.120112303 std

Note: Instructional Video (below).

Recreational leather repair and upholstery services

Oak Brand Leather offers their world-class leather services for your home, family and life.

We offer custom leather work for your bike (Harley, Indian, etc.).

We design, repair and build new, custom, quality leather coats as well!

Custom leather sofas are a snap for us!

Custom leather upholstery for your car, truck, camper, boat is easy when you’re a professional like us!

We can repair seats for the airlines.

First class leather seats for our first-class customers

Boating (Marine) leather seats restored for your sea-faring pleasure.

Leather Sofa Restoration Project

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]”Before” and “After” photos of a recent leather restoration project at our shop – client’s leather sofa.

Send us your own “Before” and “After” remarkable leather transformations – go here.

Name:Ed Mathieus
Your E-mail:ed@oakbrandleather.com
Company:Oak Brand Leather, Inc.
Your Web Site (URL):https://oakbrandleather.com
Date photos were taken:Feb 04, 2014
“BEFORE” photo(s):

“AFTER” photo(s):

Comments here:Client’s leather couch – full restoration.
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Before and After – send pics

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have we done a leather restoration project for you?  If so, please read more.

If you have some cool-looking “before and after” leather projects, please send them to the form below.

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Removing Spots and Restoring Hard Leather

In reference to spots after saddle soaping, oiling and conditioning, these spots can be from hard spots or simply where oil and/ or conditioner failed to penetrate properly. When I am finishing a saddle with the Oak Brand Conditioner, I just continue working the conditioner in this area. Eventually most of the time spots will go away.

Hard leather: This is generally caused by leather that has lost most oil in the cells as the leather has become wet. When leather dries this, too is often due to being out under the direct sun. Leather will dry up, shrink, and curl. (See Professional Restoration Kit). The damage on some leather can be so bad that the leather will just flake apart. Some leather can be very carefully brought back to its fine luster.

Dried leather on Cinch Strap Billets Off Straps must be replaced for safety. It is very dangerous to prolong replacement. When something snaps or breaks, it most likely will spook your horse.  In so doing you risk injury to you and/or your horse.

Ride Safe
____ Ed ‘Oak’ Mathieus

My Leather Conditioner Tips – Since 1969

First let me say this oiling and conditioning is NOT one I recommend unless you are very careful. This is ‘The Technique ‘ I use when restoring very old leather. I sell O.B. L. Restoration Professional Kits for this use. I will state again, it is for the attentive and careful person.

Older saddles are sun tanned darker patina. Sometimes in older dried leather the dirt, sweat, and other stains may be deep into the leather. If leather is hard where you try to bend it, then before you crack or break it do the following: Oil the leather good with U82. First let it set over night then repeat the process until the leather is pliable.

Let it set another night in a temperature at 70 degrees. I use a fan which allows for even drying.

Now the time is right to saddle soap with a sponge or soft brush. Saddle soap with water running until the dirt stops working out of the leather. Before you stop oiling the leather while wet, oil evenly, watch oil move into the leather (absorbing). If this is absorbed fast, then oil again and continue until the oil stands or surface then rinse off with water.

Now, fully apply the saddle soap again.
Last, flex the leather……it should bend gently.
Now oil again and let it set.
You must keep an eye on the leather item for most of the time it’s drying and I use a fan.

Do not dry in sunlight when dry. I mix water with neutralizer and dampen all leather evenly afterwards. I rub in the first light coat of Oak Brand Leather Conditioner and let dry over night, but check on the leather periodically when dry about (12 hours ), by using a fan. Rub the Oak Brand Leather Conditioner in and start to target areas which look dryer or if a grayish cast is in the leather apply on spot until it’s gone. Now set 12 hours again, now the leather is dry and should be supple.

Buff the leather with a terry cloth. You should find your leather has a lustrous shine. You may now condition monthly depending on your climate or dryness. To condition your leather, one coating, like applying cream to your hands monthly is advised for normal use.

Professional restoration Kit with Oil, Neutralizer and Conditioner, Price: $59.95

(Contents include: 1 Half Gallon – U82,

1. Pint Conditioner,

4 ounce Neutralizer

1 Pint Saddle Soap

1 Brush

1 Sponge

1 Terry Cloth

1 DVD Disk

1 Pamphlet

(price includes shipping within USA)

Instructional Video soon.

If you have questions, Email Oak Brand Leather at: ed@oakbrandleather.com or fill out this contact form.

Thanks, ___ Ed ‘Oak’ Mathieus