Custom Designing for Special Needs

This is a service offered with confidence in years of designing and creating in performance related leather projects. Examples of custom designing include saddles and tack, autos, motorcycles, airplane panels, desk inserts, law enforcement belts and furniture. Interior and exterior projects for the casino chains in Nevada, includes specialized animal harness, trapeze and high wire.

But if you have an idea, I can sketch it as you explain any term pertaining to the building of it in order to have you feel comfortable of the outcome. In some instances where a project is justified and in need, I can come to you at your company, ranch or even abroad. For instance, a saddle being sketched by design by Prototyped with conversion into patterns that include making Rule dyes. We also teach making this protype conversion.

I have references in all areas of my skills and training qualifications. Also I design and make Glass Saddle trees with ground work built in your groundwork design or mine as required.

I build to your specs, if it allows consistency in seat fitting.   In other areas where a color item is called for then my airbrush skills are handy which includes custom color matching.  If you have any ideas or dreams, or need a leather related projects…. Email me at, ________ Ed

Leather Desk Tops or Inserts

In about 1990, I started doing desk inverted tops, full and paneled. This was done first for Tom Hill at the Wood Shed, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Though in the years to come, we also did desk tops in Las Vegas probably the most extensive was Artie Specter’s table, a 120 hour job which incurred Custom Tooling “designing” and air brushing to show aging also gold leafing on boarder tooling, a tough one at that, yet still today it is another ability of Oakbrand and our service to offer you.

      I look toward the future. This is another area of great enjoyment I share with the creators of some fine wood products representing a part of Tradition and Heritage also.


      Have a project, let’s talk!

      Watch for our future Wood Creator and designer,  a Master, who works with Oakbrand designing wood and leather projects.

                                                      ______  Ed ‘Oak’ Mathieus