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How to pay us online – short, easy, step-by-step tutorial

This short step-by-step tutorial is for all of those who have never paid us online.
There are only a few painless steps.

  1. go to and find the box that says “Pay Us Now” –
    the button will look like this and is found on EVERY page on our web site.
  2. Click the button “Pay Us” and you will be taken from our site to PayPal site.
  3. Below screen capture is similar to what you will see.
  4. Fill in the payment amount as shown.
  5. Then choose if you want to pay us via credit/debit card or the PayPal login method.
  6. At bottom of screen you will click “Review Donation and Continue” – then be taken to the review page.
  7. Ok, now you are at the review page – but your submission has NOT GONE THROUGH yet!
    You need to click the button one more time to actually send your data.
  8. Next, you will be shown a confirmation number. Then you know your transaction has been completed.

    See below for detailed information.
  9. E-mail us if you need any additional help.
  10. Or call us and we will take your payment over the phone.

Call our shop phone: (405) 379-8080, Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm (CST)
Call us during off hours: (702) 521-9930, all other times

If you need to pay us now click here or the button on the right. [dt_button size=”big” animation=”none” icon=” icon_align=”left” color=”green” link=”” target_blank=”true”]Pay us now for goods and services[/dt_button]

or [dt_button size=”big” animation=”none” icon=”” icon_align=”left” color=”orange” link=”″ target_blank=”true”]Send us a donation for any amount less than $10,000(USD)[/dt_button]

Note, if you elect the donation method and we allow you to make monthly payments, please check the box that says “Make This Recurring (Monthly)”. Then, every month that same (donation) amount will be automatically billed to you.