Leather Coloring

Coloring of the leather is required sometimes to make letters, brands, background or tooling stand out.
(See Photo below)

Also on leather with color applied to surface with acrylics or as in a vat (by a large container) where leather is tanned & colored. You can mix colors to touch up blemishes where color and grain have been damaged in small areas such as scuffed Ostrich or even Gator.

There are many other areas which complete recoloring also can be done when leather is cleaned properly. You can then air brush color on to say…….match metal flake color on a motorcycle, gas tank, or where your saddle bags need to match perfectly and with an air brush it is possible. Then there is shading, toning, antiquing, blending, and using acrylics to color for example a tooled flower. Then oil or alcohol-based colors are used to shade the petals which bleeds in lighter to the center of the tooled flower. It’s rather beautiful. This is a technique which is stunning at the least.  But don’t get me wrong, the brush still dyes background in tooling quite well.

Types of Dyeing Techniques:

  • acrylic
  • oil base
  • Alcohol base
  • Berry
  • Beatle
  • New age chemical dyeing
  • Antiquing
  • Coloring naturally by the Sun tanning