Saddle Making & Saddle Repair Instructional Courses

Thank for learning more about our Saddle Making and Saddle Repair Instructional Courses.

So, you want to learn the leather trade?

     First, let’s talk about learning saddle repair. Saddle repair is my favorite skill that I recommend for a person to first learn in wanting to work saddles. Why? You not only can have the knowledge to repair, but you will have an open book before you in the repairs you do but, can you read it? If so, you will know what you’re working on is presenting a style and skill right there in front of you – hands on.  You just need to know the basic’s to read his or her work.
My “Saddle repair Course” teaches you hands-on skills and techniques. Some of your training will be in our shop while others may be done online.  By the end of the class, you will be repairing saddles as you demonstrate the following:

1.   The different Saddle parts, Tree knowledge

2.   Finding problems in used Saddle’s

3.   Saddle Repair, (Hands on – with me),

4.   Stitching hand and machine. I use Adler 360, Union Lock stitch and Table Model for Chaps and Tack,

5.   How to use tools and equipment related to a saddle- plus pricing your work,

6.   Pricing your work.

7.   Materials, general knowledge and where to order,

8.   Last, our Student / Teacher relationship will never end.

9.   This course runs (10) Ten Weeks, but some students learn faster than others and some just want as much repair knowledge as possible in10 weeks. As a student, you will demonstrate by hands-on knowledge gained during the steps in training.

Saddle Repair Course Cost $4,000.00

Tools recommended upon completion of the basic course will cost approx. $1,400.00 dollars. If you shop around, you can lower the cost of tools down to $800.00 – $900.00.

Saddle Making Course and Saddle Repair Courses

           I have been teaching saddle making and repair courses since 1988. The students were selected from many. I have always believed you must; well sort of meet a certain criteria. First, you must want to learn. Second, you must know this line of acquired skill is as Heritage and Western as it gets. Last, this form of Art is “a God-given Skill” you can earn; as well as, learn. I must say “This” weeded a lot of want-a- be students, out.

           But I had to be confident; you will do right and carry on a tradition. So far, I’ve been blessed with each and all students making their mark in business . With their ability to continue to learn and grasp knowledge is a greater way of thinking of what can I learn?  I observe students with an attitude of humbleness as they move forward in Western Heritage morals, and ethics that are deep rooted in saddlers. As you well know, I look for that hopefully to be in at least the beginning in my students as skilled men and women.

           So far, you guessed it………………they fill the ticket. In the following sentences, you are about to read, I will tell you how I teach and why I believe in this technique.

Saddle Making  Course and Approximate Tool Cost

Custom Saddle Making Course Fee:  $8,000.00 (Plus Tools)
Course Time: 10 weeks and you will be hard pressed

We first will

(1) plan your Saddle; and

(2) You will learn Tree Specs.
Following Steps for the Custom Saddle Making Course:

1) First, you’ll learn saddle parts and where they fit with names which, in some cases have changed.

2) Horse anatomy in relation to saddle fitting and how-to directions.

3) Finding your way around leather tools and shop, learning to punch, cut, plus use splitter and skiving machine.

4) Also you will learn how to sharpen a straight knife, sharpen a round knife, and learn to sew with a machine, and skive leather.

5) You will cut leather, learn the thickness used in different parts of a saddle, and the firmness needed for strength in relation to the use of the saddle part you are cutting.

6) You will learn how and where to cut a saddle part from (Saddle Skirting Hides).

7) You will learn proper gluing and wet molding techniques; as well as, oiling, finishing, line stitching, lock stitching, and double stitching.

8) You will learn saddle types and uses in events; as well as, trees and their advantages and disadvantages.

9) You will build your own saddle which will belong to you on completion of the Custom Saddle Making Course and Saddle Repair Course.

10) Last, what tools you’ll need then we will talk shop, leathers, machinery, patterns – plus how to find information you might need.

11) Upon completion of the Custom Saddle Making Course and Saddle Repair Course,  Note: some of this class will be hands-on and others

will be through distance learning.  In this manner you will have the best of both worlds.


Saddle Repair and Custom Saddle Making Course Cost $11,000.00

Taken in one 14 week slot.


Lastly, remember I’m always an Email or Phone Call away to help and advise you.

______ Ed ‘Oak’ Mathieus

Upon successful completion of our Oak Brand Leather saddler’s training course, you will be inducted into out OBL Saddler’s Club and presented with this OBL official certificate of graduation.

Notice your cert will have my professional mark of authenticity – my OBL maker stamp.

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