Industrial Training, Saddle Making, and Manufacturing

Over the years I have been blessed to have been able to fully utilize the custom saddle building and custom tree building. In the industries of saddle making,

I will say a group or team can and have produced saddles of the caliber of the top custom saddle makers and or companies.

I have lead and instructed such teams. I’m very thankful to have made it happen, and loved doing so.

Without getting into a long history and detailed description, I shall give a brief, short mention of the name and company.


In some companies, I brought production standards in quality and techniques to a new level through their needs to serve the customer in top quality standards.

I’m happy to say, they all strive to become better, more proficient and all want quality, or I would never have attempted the concept with the lines or the company listed below:

1) First, the old Dennis Moreland plant Cowboy Tack, briefly, M. L. Leddy’s Cowboy Tack
2) Martin Saddlery, Plant #2, Equibrand, Del Rio, Texas
3) Longhorn Saddlery, Billy Cook Saddle, Smith and Action Saddles, Greenville, Texas and McKinney, Texas
4) Also in my own industry, Oak Brand Leather – Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada and Mexico.

Years ago, I’ve even had the pleasure of working with the McPherson Saddle makers at their homes

in Los Angeles, California! What a smile that brings back. I’ll put that picture in here later; as well as, other team photos of our plants and employees of past.

_____ Ed ‘Oak’ Mathieus