Consignment Sales Agreement Form

Consignment Sales Agreement

Below is our OBL sales agreement for our consignment shop.

This form will require a PayPal payment of $1.00(USD) to complete registration.  This process will be automatic.  Once you have completed the form, you will be sent to PayPal to finalize the transaction.

Simply fill out your name, use your state-issued ID or your driver’s license # for your Consignor ID #, include # of articles you’re going to give us, include # of days you wish us to store them for you, and attach any supporting documentation you may wish us to have.  (i.e. Photos may be nice thing to add here, for your supporting documentation, if you wish us to post this item on our web site.)

Oak Brand Leather will be happy to offer our consignors a 30 % commission on items sold. 

We will accept up to 3 items per drop off (additional items may be accepted at the discretion of management). 

Prices for items accepted shall be set by management and are subject to change.

Consignors may use their profit as store credit at any time. If you would prefer cash, money will be available after the 15th of the month for the previous month’s sales. You may come in and pick up your profit at any time on or after the 15th of the month. Please email us to check your balances.

“No Thank You” items must be retrieved within 7 days of notification or they will be donated to charity.

Don’t forget to initial your choice to either donate your articles or pick them up if we don”t sell them for you.

Unsold items past 90 days must be retrieved within 7 days of notification or they will be donated to charity.

Out of season and overstocked items are subject to clearance sales and/or adjustments according to market demand. I understand that Oak Brand Leather assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to consigned merchandise by fire, theft, accident, natural disaster, or any other cause.

Notice date and time are filled in automatically in following form – you need not change this.