Carol Marton Mathieus

Carol Marton Mathieus, Nov. 11, 1941 – June 15, 2009

in Loving Memory

Carol was born in Lake City, Florida, to John and Grace Williams on November 11, 1941. Carol’s early life was shared with two brothers, Rex and Paul, where they all grew up on the family tobacco plantation in Lake City, Florida.
Carol completed her high school education in Lake City where she fell in love with her childhood friend and later sweetheart and husband to be. After finishing college at Tulane in New Orleans, Louisiana, Harry Marton and Carol Williams were married. To allow Harry to become a real estate broker and start a family business, Carol and Harry moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma, where Carol was offered a job at Oklahoma State University. She became assistant to the Dean of the Graduate College and touched so many lives both locally and abroad.

Carol always placed others before herself. In church at Stillwater, she was a lifelong, loving Christian whom became an intercessor for others before God through Christ in prayer. Carol and Harry were blessed in the years which followed with three beautiful daughters, Shauna, Toshia, and Lyne.

In 1988, I met Carol and fell in love with her after a long friendship through our church. Carol of course had suffered a divorce some years back while operating the Stillwater Tag Agency.

Then at church near Muskogee, Oklahoma, where with Carol by my side, I received The Holy Spirit. I also prayed for her hand in marriage. God blessed me with that hand and her heart came with it by The Spirit. After we were married in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 1990, Carol became interested in Oakbrand and my Saddle Making and other products then sold in Oklahoma only.

In Broken Arrow after a lesson and meeting with Sam Walton, Carol asked me, “do you want to open a store “. Well, I said ‘yes’. She then recommended Las Vegas, Nevada. At that which it so happened, our daughter and son-in-law and four grandsons had just moved to Nevada in the Fish Lake Valley area of Dyer, Nevada. They also were starting a new life. Carol was a part of that move, also.

Well, you guessed it, Oakbrand left Oklahoma and Carol added Leather to the name, saying, “Ed, it will allow you a broader area to work and learn in sales, and did it”. We became Oak Brand Leather, (O.B.L.). Carol was “The Key, The Heart, and The Spirit of The Company’s Creation”. Her personal involvement was from helping to building saddles, to customer relation and care. There is no truer way to describe Carols loving heart in family and business. Her sacrifices were immense.

Her business mind and ethics will never be matched and never forgotten. Carol was blessed with loving all, even grandchildren. This including my lot with all her heart and life, Carol’s most touching achievement is of course, the one whom wields this pen.
I will miss her and yet I see her each day in my heart and in today’s Oak Brand Leather. A part of Carol always will meet you here in her standards and quality control she required in every product – every item. In the history of Oak Brand Leather in the future our dream lives on, as does hers, Mrs. Carol Mathieus.

With Loving Memory From
The Oak Brand Leather Family