Saddle Repair and Restoration

Saddle repair costs and other saddle leather restoration-related articles are here.

Western and English Saddle Cleaning, Conditioning Costs

Western saddle cleaning and conditioning with Tack………$145.00 to $175.00

English saddle cleaning and conditioning ………………………….$75.00 to $125.00

Note when a saddle is being repaired,

cost may decrease on soap, oil and conditioning and cost more on Saddles with mink oil or lacquer on leather.

Though in many cases when you may have a family heirloom, you want to recondition or restore. These items are bid by job requirements through pictures, e-mail and UPS.

In so many cases you can damage a leather item by lacking the knowledge to clean and preserve the leather and care for it in general.

In my Leather Conditioner, offers the professional products, also a self help paper, and a video on Leather Cleaning Techniques (on request)

showing what I have researched, used and perfected over the 45 years working with leather.

I also manufacture my leather Conditioner which has proven to me and my customers the best care for leather over the years.