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  • Leather clothing design (4)

    All of our leather clothing articles will be stored here.

  • Leather and furniture (2)

    Leather used in conjunction with furniture articles will be stored here.

  • Recreational leather (1)

    Leather with recreational vehicles: motorcycles, boats, trucks, cars, planes, etc.

  • Saddle Repair/Restoration (4)

    Saddle repair costs and other leather restoration-related articles are here.

  • Silver designing (2)

    We can assist with any of your silver designs.  Whether you need silver saddles or silver in other articles we can help with all of it.

  • Consignment sales (1)

    We can help you sell any of your leather-related items.

  • Special needs (3)

    We can assist you with any special needs leather items.  Need some special holsters built for your special gear?  We can help with all of that.

  • Leather training and apprentices (4)

    We offer an apprentice program for all those interested in learning the leather trade.  Some teaching will be done using tools and hands-on approach.  Other times we will use our online learning center to handle the academics.

  • Antiquities consulting (2)

    Whether you are an antique dealer, a hobbyist antique collector, or even a professional museum - we can help you determine the true value of that leather-related antique.  If you need, we can even restore it to its original splendor for you as well!  

  • Props, Movies, Productions, Theatre (1)

    We offer multiple custom leather solutions in all of these areas.  We have done much of this work for many different local Las Vegas clubs,  shows, and production companies.

  • Saddle inspections (1)

    We offer free saddle inspections! Feel bring us your saddles so we can make certain both you and your horse are safe.


Rusty Bowen
10-02-2011, 17:04
I have always had the best dealings with Ed and his staff. I will always use OBL for all of my custom leather projects.
10-03-2014, 19:11
Hello Ed,

Here is a before and after pic of Truck and collar. He looks great with it on. You have done such a fine job on this collar.
Travis Twain
02-13-2012, 01:34
Ed had experienced a problem while getting my special order leather for my new saddle. He called me immediately and told me our options. We ordered ...

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