Conditioner Kit 3 w/Video

Conditioner Kit 3 with instructional video

Obtaining a Neutral Patina when Conditioning and Cleaning

Kit:  O.B.L. #3  –  $139.95 (includes Shipping)

Conditioner kit 3 includes 1 Video and Instructions on the Top Quality look, which maintains a Mint appearance for your all of your leather items. This technique with glycerin and saddle soap and #2 My Conditioner reserved for display Saddle in Mint Condition results to keep them in that same mint quality.

  • This uses the Platinum Kit (My Leather Conditioner #2) with the technique of perfection that leather collectors demand.

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Kit Contents:

  • Conditioner – One Pint

  • Glycerin – One Pint

  • Saddle Soap, Oak Brand Formula

  • Sponges (2)

  • Brush (1)

  • Terry Cloths (2)

Note: Instructional Video (below).