Top Grain Leather Breathes

Top Quality leather products are not sealed even when colored. The leather must breathe. Do not lacquer the surface of leather. Leather has pores the same as your skin. Try not to seal leather, if possible. Oils and Glycerin need to penetrate deep into the leather, thus allowing a long life for your the product. You will also enjoy its supple feeling. When leather is cared for, you will have a nicely preserved item. The Patina will be beautiful!  And the more age it has, the Patina becomes deeper and richer. This has become apparent and proven in Quality Care which I have given to items and restored in my shops, companies, and stores.  I’m sure you know most all leathers are colored by Vat dyeing. And certain leathers with their surface coating other than described above can still be cared for in other ways. See Leather Care, Leather Knowledge, Leather Dyeing and Coloring……in my directory.      Also I make reference to some Tanning Techniques which do use an Acrylic Surface coat of color and lock in Veg Tanning.  These leathers retain Veg and other oils because they are sealed in, but No surface sealer (for me) is much better in my experience.