Removing Spots and Restoring Hard Leather

In reference to spots after saddle soaping, oiling and conditioning, these spots can be from hard spots or simply where oil and/ or conditioner failed to penetrate properly. When I am finishing a saddle with the Oak Brand Conditioner, I just continue working the conditioner in this area. Eventually most of the time spots will go away.

Hard leather: This is generally caused by leather that has lost most oil in the cells as the leather has become wet. When leather dries this, too is often due to being out under the direct sun. Leather will dry up, shrink, and curl. (See Professional Restoration Kit). The damage on some leather can be so bad that the leather will just flake apart. Some leather can be very carefully brought back to its fine luster.

Dried leather on Cinch Strap Billets Off Straps must be replaced for safety. It is very dangerous to prolong replacement. When something snaps or breaks, it most likely will spook your horse.  In so doing you risk injury to you and/or your horse.

Ride Safe
____ Ed ‘Oak’ Mathieus