More Leather Knowledge

More Leather Knowledge

Read the following leather types first…

Leather types:

1) Saddle Skirting- Half a cow-hide tanned, and the skin thickness can be (16G 5/8 of a inch.
This is part of  this forum which if I had limited knowledge of leather, I would pay close attention here, for even though it’s leather…………..that’s a mouth full in its self, and I would read all of the leather articles.
2) Full Hide – approximately 57 Sq. Ft.
3) Grain Surface Coloring – Tanning with dyes also surface coating.
4) Saddle Skirting Thickness – Light, Medium, Heavy = % = Gauge or Thickness, made from Cow Hide [1/4 inch 8 oz]= [3/8 inch 10 to 12 Gauge = 16 =18 =G [5/8 inch Vat Dyed Skirting, the Top Colors are Neutral , Chestnut, & Golden]
5) Leather Surface- Full grain, Buffed, or Rough Out and New Buffed- different Grades, Tannery Run , A, B, or C grades or No. #1, No. #2, No. #3 grade.
6) Number #One – being pretty much blemish free, no scars. Chaps, Leggings, Coats and Vest can be made with Top grain Splits generally Veg Tan Chromatin – Oil tans.
7) Veg Tan soft leather for Legging, Coats, and Vest (called Softies)
*Oil Tan for work Chaps and water repellent needs
8) Top Grain Veg, Tan is in 2,4, and 6 ounce (very soft feel), some thinned to 1 ½ ounce =
* Chromium and Hot Chemical – is a very stiff, tougher feel, more durable leather
* Brain Tan also brings soft results like just as Buckskin feels
9) Tack: some Headstall, Breast harness, and Reins are made of Harness- a Cow Hide “waxed plus oily (feels good) for extreme water resistance in dirty, dusty areas also rainy or cold areas and good repellent; features resistant to horse and cow sweat which is salty and corrosive.
*Tack- is Cowhide, mostly because of tooling, stitching, and the edging is best achieved, with leather,
when Dyeing and also Light, Medium, or Heavy Oiled needed.
*Neutral colored leather gives Tack Buyers a much larger choice.
10) Motorcycle Saddle Bags- made with generally 10 to 14 % leather skirting dyed
11) Motorcycle Seat – Softy upholster leather Black Cowhide, Split Grain out

Shoes, Boots, Belts, Coats, Wallets, Purses . . .

Here you can have many different leather products from Goat, Cow, Calf, Pig, Sheep, Shark, Snake, Ostrich and exotic Hides which covers a lot of different looks, textures and colors and in many cases the pattern has been embossed (raised patterns) to look like a design such as Alligator on Cow.

Leather Furniture . . .

Leather is top grain Cow hide which is used in most cases are Veg Tanned. Most All hides are purchased in full hides Not half hides as saddle skirting is referred to.  Also, most upholstery hides are soft, fifty feet plus in square footage.  In the offices throughout the world you will find excellent leather generally because of the cost of office furniture when leather is used versus vinyl or cloth.

Auto Interior . . .

Here again Cow hide is preferred. Also here you will see as in King trucks by Ford what is called distressed leather which is a long and very lengthy explanation to tell at this time, but my Oak Brand Leather Conditioner does this leather justice.
If you have a doubt or really want to know if it’s a vinyl then check it……..
plastics will stretch. Leather will only give a little, but not stretch like vinyl. Also plastic smells like a petroleum based product while leather smells like leather. In addition, check where you can see or feel the edges. This is sometimes near the stitching. Use your finger nail to look for the edge. Most of the time it’s easy to spot material versus leather.

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